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About this Website

This website is meant to provide pictures and information about things going on in unsettled areas in the very north of the Australian continent - territories which are impossible to reach by car and which rarely anybody will experience. The stories and pictures are authentic and are based on exploration of these regions by sea kayak for long periods.

So far, native reptiles and particular the encounter between the saltwater crocodile (crocodylus porosus) is the centre of the articles. More stories may appear on occasion.

This presentation is based on five separate seakayak-expeditions (2004 -2009) of the author Steffen Pichler, with a combined duration of 18 months, along the unsettled 800 kilometres of Australia's far north-eastern coastline north of Cooktown. Always travelling alone, he sustained himself independently by collecting edible plants, spear hunting and fishing. As most time has been used to explore the surroundings of many creek mouths on the mainland, there was hardly a day without encountering the saltwater crocodile. All photographs of crocodiles, snakes and turtles were taken during these trips, none of the shown animals have been fed or in captivity.

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