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Australian Saltwater Crocodile


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The final Conclusion

After a long time alone in the territories of the saltwater crocodile: What is the conclusion of such an  experience? 

Having lived face to face with the saltwater crocodile in its natural habitat and having been able to view it in so many different situations of its everyday life, only one conclusion is possible: Despite the very powerful appearance, this is definitely no monster.

Actually, there isn’t even a greedy predator continuously on the search for prey. What is to be found, is an understandable creature that sometimes seems to enjoy itself by playing in the waves when the water is warm, and that without any doubt, spends much of its time curiously watching what is happening in its surroundings without the intention to hunt or express aggression. Very likely much of what would be felt as threat to humans is caused by the crocodile’s curiosity.

Watching saltwater crocodiles in the free nature and being confronted with them one to one is connected with a very deep fascination, and once the fear has calmed due to finally understanding the animals rules, this captivation can reach degrees which are hard to describe with words.

Certainly this mighty predator can create a danger for us individually when living in or visiting its natural habitat  and any accident that has left somebody badly injured or killed is a real tragedy.

But without any doubt those rules - which abiding by will allow us to stay save in the territory of the crocodile - do exist and it is the neglect of these principles that can lead to fatal consequences. This could be compared to our road rules for traffic in the cities.

The observance of natures principles certainly comes with some sacrifices, but these are not unacceptable. Furthermore, the often assumed cruelty of the saltwater crocodile does not exist. The disturbance the crocodile creates to the other life-forms is close to zero. Its behaviour is so silent, caution and

restrain, that most other animals don’t even take notice what has just passed by. It is not chasing after anything, does not know any kind of torture, and does not even need to hunt all the time due to its efficiency.

Finally, when it kills, there is always a clear  reason and for any prey,  the end would come almost fast as a flash. So, in the very end of the trip in the world of the big crocodile, after arriving back into mankind’s modern civilisation, things are sticking out: It’s  humans who are causing cruelties that are absolutely unprecedented in the history of life on this planet.

If there are any monsters on earth, then they can only be we humans ourselves. Keeping the planets other life forms in narrow cages for their entire life to get cheap meat or eggs, carelessly destroying the habitats of other living creatures, is our behaviour alone.

Maybe we should accept the strongest predator as a teacher, who can make us understand many important things. For example, that disturbing other life forms as little as possible is a precondition for a durable existence at the top of the food chain.

Or that there are hidden rules in nature, connected with limitations, and that not being willing to find and accept them is bonded with high danger of disappearing from this planet very fast and suddenly.

               Copyright © Steffen Pichler / ZEIS Verlag