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Saltwater Crocodile


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The final Danger

The animal pictured here is a very large saltwater crocodile of more than five meters in length, watching the author directly after his repeated arrival at a place that has likely not been visited by other human intruders for a very long time.

As done on two other occasions before, it showed some calm warning signs that could be interpreted as being not associated with any real aggression.

The animal could possibly be almost a hundred years old and it has survived the time some decades ago, when the saltwater crocodiles were on the edge of extinction

 in Australia. Very likely nobody travelling with a motorised boat would ever have had a chance to see it, as its cautious- ness was the main factor in it staying alive.

So having understood the rules of free nature and those special rules of the saltwater crocodile, this animal is not an unpredictable creature anymore. Its behaviour can even be perceived quite plainly and clearly as all things in free nature, despite the latter being so complex.

But how will the shown animal behave if it had been fed by other people prior, for example? Will it keep its distance and play its warning ceremony? Or will it approach without intentions to threaten? Unfortunately, after any unnatural encounter with mankind, the balance of free nature is destroyed and many things become confused.

Therefore the risk of a confrontation with a saltwater crocodile that is strongly maladjusted due to human contact, would always be the last unavoidable and most dangerous risk for somebody, even when entering the remote areas.                                                                                                               >  

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